Panasonic planning 20-megapixel point-and-shoots for 2012

Let’s hope the Mayans were right. A pixel count like that on a 1/2.3″ sensor would be pure gobbledygook in the image quality department. Canon and Casio have the right idea with the G11 and high-speed Exilims: features are going to set cameras apart once the great unwashed realizes how stupid having that many megapixels is.

Consider that all three of the cameras I recently reviewed have 1/2.3″ sensors, and even at 12-14 megapixels they were having lots of trouble resolving detail, and of course the “HD” video is smeary and full of skew. What the hell could we possibly want with 20 megapixels crammed into the same space?

There’s nothing to be done, of course. It’s not spec-savvy bloggers that will change the way companies like Panasonic make cameras, it’s the buying public. And if they want megapixels, by god Panasonic will give them megapixels. At least, according to this road map, they’re planning more high-sensitivity stuff too. That’s way more important, if you ask me.

[via Photo Rumors]