Palm bails on Modernista, the ad agency behind the creepy witch lady

Up until recently, Palm’s ads haven’t exactly been anything we’d consider “embraced.” They also haven’t been anything we’d consider, you know, “good.”

Expect the ads to get more consistently good from here on out — or at least more consistently not featuring a creepy chick being creepy*. Palm has just cut their ties with Modernista, the ad agency responsible for those not-so-sales-friendly ads.

The story broke via AdvertisingAge, who points out that this is likely a part of Palm’s move to stronger point-of-sales ads over general brand advertising. Hopefully that doesn’t mean Palm’s moving away from the airwaves altogether; webOS’ biggest strengths are things that can be encapsulated in video in a matter seconds, and lawd knows that Palm needs more people knowing about (and more importantly, wanting) webOS.

* To the creepy chick referred to in this post, be it that she ever reads this: We don’t think you, personally, are creepy. In fact, you’re pretty cute. These ads just made you seem creepy. Sort of like when a puppy sleeps with its eyes open. Good luck in your future gigs!