Swedish company, People of Lava, creates an Android-based TV

Remember Android? Don’t worry. You’ll remember next week once this whole iPad thing blows over. Anyway, a Swedish company called, inexplicably, People of Lava has announced what they’re calling and Android-based TV. The TV, called the Scandinavia, comes in a 42-inch configuration that costs about $2,500.

The Scandinavia Android TV – which will first be released in a 42” version, followed by 47” and 55” – is built without compromises. It features top-of-the-line components and is carefully put together by hand to ensure the kind of quality that customers expect from a People of Lava Full- HD LED TV set. Its Android platform and internet capabilities provide a wide range of functionalities, including:
– Out of the box Android TV applications such as: – YouTube, Google Maps ,Weather, Time, Calendar, Internet Browser
– Downloadable Apps, both free and from coming App-store: – Facebook, Twitter, Email and more…
– Internet connection
– USB connection

The company does quite a bit of work in the hotel space and so these could be a great way to insert a little value-added content onto the flatscreens in hotel rooms. They’ve done a fairly thorough job at improving the UI for the big screen, a major concern I’d have about running Android on a 42-incher.