iPad runs circles around Snapdragon-powered Nexus One

So, the iPad? I hear it’s good, but again, it’s not for me—don’t cry. But what’s indisputable? The fact that it’s pretty damn fast. Even though the processor is nothing more than a stock Apple A4, it wallops the fancy Snapdragon, the 1GHz CPU found in the Nexus One (and others). The iPad: useful (to some), and quite quick. Neat.

Anandtech benchmarked the iPad, bless their hearts, and found that Apple’s divisive device was anywhere from 9 to 60 percent faster than the Snapdragon in loading various Web sites. (The only site to load slower was CNN.)

The iPad’s Javascript performance is also better than the Nexus One by just less than 40 percent.

Neither the Nexus One nor iPad can run Crysis, so a big “meh” can be heard from people currently rocking an ATI 5970 or Nvidia GTX 480!

It should probably noted than comparing a notebook computer (I guess that’s the iPad’s “official” designation) to a mobile phone is a bit unfair, not to mention silly: you’re going to be with your phone 24/7, but you’re probably not going to be walking down the street with your iPad every day of the week. At least I don’t think so