Solid steel mousepad – because you deserve it!

These mousepads are made of 1/8″ rolled steel, and the larger ones weigh four pounds. Take one to a LAN party; if you get owned, just start rage-bludgeoning! Every one is hand-made, and they claim the finishing method they use is perfect for laser-based mice. Sure! Hell, I’ll believe anything they say, because anyone who makes things out of solid steel is A-OK in my book.

They’re made by Greensforged, and there are several varieties. Are you a gravity gun whore in HL2DM? You’ll be wanting the Ravenholm. Are you a giant? Get the Hugepad. At $30-$50, they’re a bit more expensive than the average mousepad, but hey, the Vespula costs $35 and it’s not even close to solid steel!

[via Metafilter/MeFi Projects]