Nobody wants the NBCU-Comcast merger to go down

Looks like nobody in the TV industry wants the NBCU-Comcast merger to go down. And who could blame them! ABC, CBS, and Fox affiliates are afraid that, if the merger goes down, it’ll cause the clouds to darken and the streets to run red with the blood of something or other. Basically, they’re scared that the merger will put the in a very bad position indeed.

The deal is that Comcastis the largest cable provider in the country. We already know this. Should NBC and Comcast hook up, it could put the other networks in a hairy situation. The fear is that Comcast could try to play favorites: “Oh, CBS, you want to be on our cable system. Well, as you know, we’re friends with NBC, so you’re gonna have to put up a couple extra dollars to get on this cable system, bub.”

That’s a very cartoony way of looking at the situation, but that’s sorta what’s going on.

You know how people say banks are too big to fail? NBC-Comcast would be to big for its own good.

Given the Internet’s experienceswith Comcast over the years, you can assume the nerd-rage is palpable.