Nap Vieeb Plus II: Wearable doze prevention device

Are you constantly in danger of falling asleep while working or driving? Alarm clocks, watches or your cell phone are of no help? Then the oddly named Nap Vieeb Plus II [JP], offered by a Japanese company called Takanoha, might be the right thing for you. The Nap Vieeb Plus II is a simple earpiece alarm gadget whose first version was released about four years ago.

Takanoha claims that first version found over 180,000 buyers in 17 countries. The new model works basically the same way: Once placed behind your ear, the device automatically detects you dozing off when your head passes a pre-set, “critical” angle. It then starts vibrating and setting off an alarm to keep you awake, just like a regular alarm clock.

Weighing just 15g, the Nap Vieeb Plus II is relatively discreet. Takanoha says because the ear loop is made of flexible silicone rubber, even people wearing glasses can use it. Apparently, the president of the company started developing the gadget after he was involved in a car accident caused by drowsy driving.

The Nap Vieeb Plus II costs around $30 in Japan. Contact specialized stores Japan Trend ShopGeek Stuff 4 U or Rinkya to get one shipped to your country (I searched around, but couldn’t find it in any Non-Japanese online store).

Via The Nikkei [registration required, paid subscription]