Moog releases Auto De-tune. We get our sanity back

Thank the audio gods. Today marks the greatest day in musical history. Well okay, not the greatest, but maybe right behind the release of the Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill. This glorious day is the day Moog’s MF-401 Auto De-tune unit starts shipping out. Now we can finally stop putting up with this.

The device uses Moog’s new Authentic Vocal Imperfection™ technology to remove any vocal modifications on a track. No longer will pop songs sound like they were recorded by a group of frenzied chipmunks on helium.

The parameters are fully adjustable, everything from warble rate, deviation range, emotive overload. It even has caterwaul rotary controls. There are also a number of preset settings including:

  • Drunk as a Sailor
  • Seattle sensitive alternative warble
  • Where did all the green room beer go?
  • Original Star Trek cast member attempts to make pop music
  • My vocal monitor is blown, so Soundman, please mix me REALLY low
  • Mrs. Miller
  • Too punk rock to turn down your !#$%&*!! stage volume
  • Cat in an alley under a full moon
  • Tone Def
  • Florence Foster Jenkins

The MF-401 goes on sale today at $799.00. But can you really put a price on staying sane?

Definitely the best April Fool’s bit I’ve seen all day.

via [SynthGear]