Waterproof external hard drive: yes please

It’s nice that these hard drives should be announced right in the middle of a week of rugged camera reviews. You probably remember LaCie’s Rugged XL series of hard drives — but they’re more rugged and not at all waterproof. These A70s from Silicon-Power are waterproof, pressure-proof, and shockproof. Drop ’em, take ’em into the bath, or sit on ’em all day — go ahead, they love it.

They come in 250, 320, 500, and 640GB varieties and are bus-powered, of course. They have USB 2.0 interfaces only, so don’t expect any crazy FireWire 800 or USB 3.0 speeds. The selling point here is that you can build a house out of them and then drive your car through it without breaking any. Well, it doesn’t say that, but I’d like to think I could.

If you’re wondering what to call that color, the press release has you covered:

The color is somewhere between dark red and tomato red, it is deemed to be the color of 2010 spring / autumn fashion! The mysterious red gives off a misty, varnish and passionate feel.


[via Slashgear]