Dude, you're getting a Dell and a Sony Reader

The details are simple: buy a select Dell notebook or desktop and a Sony Reader Pocket Edition ships along with it for no additional cost. It’s actually a nice little deal although it’s only for two days. Of course like with most sales, the actual cost savings is minimal as the sale price is likely inflated to included the cost of the ereader, but that’s fine. Ereaders tend to be something the consumers are curious about and are unwilling to pull the trigger just yet. Getting more ereaders in the average joes that buy Dells might help the whole industry.

Then again the ereader is Sony’s least expensive option and doesn’t have the magic of the Kindle or Nook. It’s only a 5-inch screen, doesn’t have a wireless connection to the Reader Store, and only costs $169 anyways. But it’s still an ereader and these products tend to have a novility factor to them that might spur some interest in the big boys. Amazon and B&N should probably send flowers and a thank you card. [Dell via i4u