SIMBox, the texting incontinence pants

I’m going to be big about this and not get all giggly. It’s basically an incontinence sensor for folks who, through no fault of their own, can’t tell when they’ve wet themselves.

Consisting of a sensor that fits inside the SIMPants (again, not making this up or laughing), the SIMBox has a SIMstrip that senses wetness and goes to the SIMserver that connects to the SIMsystem Manager. It then sends text messages or will page the nurses or assistants or the hospital’s loudspeaker system.

As carers are often unable to immediately respond to events, the software will display a summary log of alerts and manual observations can also be entered. The final bladder chart includes all observations in one easy-to-read report.

On completion of the 3-day assessment, the SIMsystemâ„¢ Manager produces shift, daily and 3-day reports that may be used by carers for the development of continence care plans.

In a way, this is the perfect gadget: it gives a person back their dignity instead of taking it away. I hope when I’m at this point someone will get an SMS when I need to be changed.

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via MedGadget