More evidence of the HP Envy 14, Envy 17 and dm4 surface

HP has a spring refresh coming real soon and we might finally get a look at the Envy 14 and Envy 17 that’s been rumored for so long. The Envy models, along with the dm4 from the other day’s rumor, were found on the same sort of support documents that supposedly leaked the notebooks late last year. So here we go again, down the rabbit hole of rumors.

An HP support document generated in February 2010 lists both the Envy models. Then there’s another support document concerning the optical drive technology Lightscribe with both the Envy 17 and dm4 mentioned, which collaborates the rumor from the other day that that stated the dm4 is an upcoming ultra-portable with an optical drive. But as we learned last time these types of documents were found, just because an HP document lists a model, doesn’t mean its release is near no matter how much we want  it. [via NotebookReview Forums]