CrunchDeals: 1GB iPod Nano for $48

This is obviously a much older Nano but at $48 for 1GB, I may get this for my Dad so he can listen to Roy Orbison albums. Again, not amazingly great but $48? Pretty good.

Never before has something so small held so many possibilities. The 1 GB Apple iPod nano holds up to 240 songs and will display full color album art and photos. It also handles Podcasts, Audiobooks, Games, clocks, contacts and calendars. All in an iPod that weighs less than a single CD case. Now that’s huge. At only .27 inches thin and 1.5 ounces, iPod nano packs a lot into its diminutive design. Get up to 14 hours of battery life and 1 full GB of storage. It also features a 1.5″ bright LCD screen, the Apple Click Wheel, and a Dock connector that fits an entire ecosystem of iPod accessories. With so many features like these, iPod nano can change the way you listen to music and more.