Live from TechCrunch Paris

TechCrunch Europe returns to Paris for its 2nd annual afternoon seminar today featuring yet another interactive and live-streamed session with some of the most innovative and interesting web and mobile startups and investors in France. See video below.


14.00 registration

14.20 opening remarks

14.30 keynote presentation:
“Startups have to be flexible” Gilles Barbier – Tellmewhere

14.50 presentation:
“Going International” Pascal Gautier – Criteo

15.10 panel discussion:
Women’s Panel
Moderated by Roxanne Varza
Celine Lazorthes, Leetchi
Béatrice Jauffrineau, Femmes Business Angels
Marie Ekeland, Elaia Partners
Olivier Billon, Ykone

15.50 coffee break

16.15 Young Entrepreneur Keynote:
“Can you be a French entrepreneur with no experience?” Hadrien Gardeur, Feedbooks

16.35 panel discussion:
VC/ISF Panel
Moderated by Mike Butcher
Guillaume Lautour, AGF Private Equity
François Tison, 360 Capital Partners
Jean-Christophe Capelli, FriendsClear
Cedric Giorgi

17.15 TechCrunch Pitch!
Olivier Cahané –
Axel Cateland – Yoocasa
Timothée Le Borgne –
Paul Maglione – English Attack
Thibauld Favre – Allmyapps
Angela Natividad – Hypios
Cyril Barthet – Vodkaster
Guillaume Martin – Pictarine

17.50 Closing remarks


« la Cantine », 12 Galerie Montmartre, 151 rue Montmartre,
75002 Paris


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