BlueAnt launches their text-message-to-speech Android application

Remember last week, when we mentioned that Bluetooth headset manufacturer BlueAnt would be launching their first Android app at CTIA? The one that would read your incoming text messages aloud over your Bluetooth headset?

Well, we just touched down in Vegas for CTIA 2010, and sure enough: they’ve just launched the application.

We didn’t know what the application’s name would be last time we wrote about it. According to BlueAnt, it’s called “The BlueAnt Q1 Android application”. Original? Not exactly — but given that it’s an Android application that seems to only work with BlueAnt’s Q1 headset, I’d say it’s fitting.

We forgot to pack our Q1 amongst the plethora of gadgets we bring to trade shows; if you just so happen to have one (and an Android phone), give it a run and let us know how it is. Keep an eye out for lots more CTIA 2010 coverage right here.