Taga: Bike to stroller in 20 seconds

Party people put your hands in the air because Taga wants you to know that their stroller/bike system is rockin’ the block.

The company has been flogging their transforming bike for about a year now but it looks like they’re finally shipping in the US for $1,495 (!!!). As Treehugger notes, the video shows a sporty mom in a town with wide paths and few cars suggesting this might be good in Bruges but not so nice in Flint. My wife actually just uses this seat which sticks to her bike and instead of schlepping the whole thing inside she just locks it up and goes shopping.

Also, remember folks: kids grow up. I don’t know that spending $1,400 on a stroller bike is a great investment when junior will probably explode out of it in about two years. However, the concept is cool and it would be nice to try if the price went down over the next few years.