RunKeeper goes social

I’ll let the video do most of the talking on this one but RunKeeper has improved its sharing service by building out a cool run sharing service that works like a social network for the preternaturally skinny yet surprisingly hungry.

The system allows you to share runs with friends and/or strangers. You can turn off maps for privacy and selectively share runs with the world. For example, I have one visible activity while RunKeeper founder Jason has like 5,000 (actually 130). This means he is better than me and, in fact, better than most of us.

The service now also offers live maps, which lets you follow your friends as they run their five milers or their marathons in real time. This also seems to be a great way to share runs with a partner.

All of this points to a very cool system for workout tracking and sharing. The RunKeeper app comes in a free and $9.99 Pro version and the sharing service is free.