More 360 leaks: this time it's USB mass storage

When leaks like this become what appears to be a controlled drip, you can be sure there is something interesting on the horizon. Just yesterday we saw evidence of a new, smaller Xbox 360 chassis, and now we’re hearing of a “2010 system update” that will allow you to use your own USB drives as storage for games, save files, DLC, and so on.

In true console style, though, your storage options will actually be, shall we say, severely limited. Only 16GB will be available no matter the size of the drive, and only two storage devices can be attached at once. The implication is that this ability is not a replacement for a hard drive (16GB, or 32GB even, is inadequate), but rather for memory units, which only hold up to 512MB these days. Pics of the process are over at Joystiq.

Well, that may be their intention, but buddy, once that system update rolls out, I give it a week before someone hacks the hell out of it. I mean, there are ways to mount your own hard drives now, but this would be much easier and probably wouldn’t run into any extra issues. I mean, how hard is it to make a little script that swaps partitions on the hard drive, changing the drive’s ID so it looks like a new drive has been plugged in? Probably kind of hard, but I know you guys are up to it. Figure A must stand!

[via Giz]