New HD webcams from Microsoft

Attention citizens! Your benevolent overlords have released three new entries in the LifeCam series. Now all of your long-distance correspondences can be in glorious 720p. Unfortunately, none of them are nearly as cool as the camera on the left.

The three new contenders are the HD-5000, 5001, and 6000 for notebooks. Real imaginative guys. In fact, I can’t find any real differences between the 5000 and 5001 models. All three offer 720p video recording at 30 fps and auto-focusing. The two desktop models have an aspect ratio of 16:9. All three are only Windows compatible, even back to XP, but do Mac users ever use external webcams? I think not.

All three run between $50 and $60. They aren’t available quite yet, but you can pre-order them on Amazon and feel great about yourself.