DIY: Stereo Cooler

Here’s a clever yet simple DIY project for you, just in time for the weekend. You could probably even through this thing together before the next camping trip, even if you are heading out tonight. It’s that simple.

Take an inexpensive cooler, chop a couple of holes in the side. Add speakers, wiring, a stereo, and a car battery, and you’re rocking loud enough to disturb the neighbors. Admittedly it’s a little more complicated then that (for example, the author had problems mounting the speakers), but overall it seems like an easy project. The author added a few extra features as well, including a built in charger, a couple of 12v outlets (for charging other devices), and an amplifier with a sub-woofer as well. From looking at his build log for the thing, it’s obvious that this is an ongoing project and I look forward to seeing what other refinements he can come up with.

[via Hackaday]