HTC Tattoo to get the bumpgrade to Android 2.1?

The Tattoo might have been designed to be dirt cheap, but that doesn’t mean HTC doesn’t love it as much as the rest of their phones.

French Android site Frandroid shot a note to HTC to see whether or not the Tattoo would be getting the Android 2.1 treatment. Their response? Drumroll, please.

Yep! (See response below) They aren’t dropping any specific dates, but they did say it’ll be “just a little while longer”. The hang up? HTC’s still polishing up Sense on Android 2.1. Sense seemed pretty dang solid when we saw it running on 2.1 on the Desire – but given that the Tattoo is half as powerful with half the screen resolution, there’s probably some tweaking that needs to be done here.

HTC’s response:

“Kindly note that now we understand that a phone running Android OS 2.1 is available that you are excited to get an update for your Tattoo. We are still working hard to Sense for building this new version but we expect to have the upgrade finished and ready to go soon.”

[Via GSMArena]