More Shots of Microsoft's Project Pink "Turtle" and "Pure" leak out; hitting Verizon on April 20th?

We’re still trying our darnedest to not feed the hype machine surrounding Project Pink, considering that all signs are indicating that neither phone is anything to get worked up about.

With that said, a couple of new shots of the Turtle (the stout, portrait sliding QWERTY handset) and the Pure (the horizontal QWERTY handset pictured above) have just leaked out, along with some information about its impending launch on Verizon.

According to the tipster who leaked the shots below to Engadget, Verizon is tentatively scheduled to launch one or both of these phones come April 20th. There are also whispers of a Vodafone release, though no date for that was given.

Last but not least, the tipster verified that the Project Pink phones will be aimed at a teen/young adult audience. In other words, it’s Microsoft’s best attempt to bring something to fruition after the purchase of Danger, all talent losses aside.