HTC: Don't put the Nexus One in your hipster jeans

The wording in the headline may not be, you know, exactly what HTC said – but it might as well be.

After the folks over at Crave UK woke up to a broken screen — which they swear isn’t their fault, as the device had just been sitting on a desk charging — full of inky purple rage on their Nexus One , they shot a call over to HTC support. After investigating the device, HTC sent back a response: they were stumped.

Probed for more information, HTC’s support guy allegedly told them “Putting a phone in a tight pair of jeans and sitting down would usually cause that kind of damage,” and that “People sometimes forget that they don’t go in pockets.”

I somehow have a hard time believing that HTC’s official stance on pockets is that they’re bad news – instead, this sort of seems like something a support guy made up off the cuff for the sake of having something to blame. As someone who worked tech support for a few years and has blamed many a weird problem on the technical equivalents of pixies and boogie men, I salute you for your ingenuity, Mr. HTC Support Guy.