Project Pink Microsoft phones coming to Verizon

Remember Project Pink? Whatever Microsoft’s secret hardware initiative was? Well, it’s real and it’s coming to Verizon. You’ll see the Turtle, shown here, first, and it will be sort of a Sidekick that won’t run Windows Phone. Verizon will launch this like they did the Droid, aiming the might of their armies at flogging this to the feature phone user.

Giz has information that says that this isn’t a Windows Phone phone. But what does that mean? John Herrman opines:

It’s suggested that the platform has apps of some sort. For a phone like this to share apps with Windows Phone 7 is pretty much impossible, so this one’s a big question mark. Is it another SDK? Or closed app development like we’ve seen on the Zune HD?

Could it be a branch of Windows Phone designed for the feature/Java phone market? Will we ever know?