One Microsoft Project Pink phone caught in the wild, screenshots leaked

I’ve been trying to avoid writing much about Microsoft’s secret Project Pink as of late, primarily because we just don’t want to get folks hopes up too high; according to our sources, not a whole lot has changed since we passed on word that the handsets were pretty terrible.

With that said, it’s our job to inform you of the news when the news comes up – and some new stuff has just come up.

Gizmodo just got their mitts on a pair of real-world shots portraying the Pure, the horizontal QWERTY slider that makes up half of the Project Pink handsets that have leaked thus far (with the other one being “Turtle”, a stout portrait slider). At right around the same time, a gent by the name of Conflipper pushed a handful of Pink screenshots (and a camera sample pulled straight from the pre-release hardware) on to Twitter

Again — and I hate to sound cynical here, as cynicism is really the cheapest and least entertaining route to take — don’t get too excited. Everything I’ve been hearing for the past few months indicates that the Pink phones are glorified Sidekicks designed by committee.

[Conflipper link via Engadget Mobile]