webOS Gets A New And Much Improved Facebook App

At long last, webOS has been granted a Facebook application worth its weight in kilobytes. A completely revamped version of the Facebook application has just gone live in the Palm App Catalog – and boy, is it an improvement.

Palm has offered some level of Facebook support on webOS since the launch of the Pixi – but as we noted in our Pixi review, calling what it had “Facebook support” was probably exaggerating. You could sync your Facebook contacts, read your news feed, and.. well, that’s it.

The new app seems much more properly endowed, offering up access to your news feed (with full liking/commenting support), full profiles, people search, photo albums, inbox, events, photo uploading, and more. And of course, it’s still fully intertwined with webOS’ Synergy system, allowing the user to automatically sync Facebook friends to their relative contacts, complete with profile pictures as caller ID photos.

We’re just cracking this app open for the first time right this second, but it certainly seems like the fully featured Facebook app that webOS deserves.

Update: Added a few screenshots below!
Update #2 Some people are reporting that the application in the App Catalog is still the old version. If that’s the case for you, try using the App Catalog’s built in update feature (Open app catalog, tap the shopping bag on the bottom right).