Even more cheap Android tablet computers

Today seems to be the day of cheap Android tablets, and while I doubt we’ll ever see any of these in the U.S. they are worth mentioning. These particular tablets are produced in China by HiVision, a company not exactly known around the world. That could change however, because these little (7-inch) tablets look to be selling for around $100 each.

Now for the specs: they are running Android of course, and have an 800×480 7 inch touch screen. The processor is a Samsung 800MHz ARM11, and it has 2GB of storage, along with 256mb of RAM for processing needs. Wifi is standard, however you can also add GPS and other USB peripherals. Battery life is estimated at around 6 hours.

The HiVision tablet was spotted it the wild by JKKMobile, and the video comes from them, so enjoy.

[via Liliputing]