Moosshiqk electric motorcycle goes fast, looks silly

Here’s an interesting DIY project: Santosh apparently felt that the current generation of electric pocket bikes were just a little too large, so he built his own version. While Santosh’s bike is quite small, it is capable of running at almost 10mph.

Santosh’s bike is just 12 inches high and 18 inches long. That makes it a bit smaller then the currently available products on the market, but you’re still going to look silly as you ride it. Part of the way Santosh pulled off this lilliputian miracle was to make the battery pack wearable, rather then mounted on the bike. I’m not entirely sure I’d prefer that method, but I guess that would help with portability. Santosh didn’t provide much information on his blog, but definitely check out the video if you want to know more.

[Via RedFerret]