Using Wii Fit Plus to get fit at school

Well this is pretty neat. There’s a junior high school (well, grades seven through nine) in Halifax that has started something called the Wii Fit Plus Club. It’s an attempt to get kids fit, as you might imagine.

During their lunch hour, kids at the school will be able to stop on by and do any number of Wii Fit Plus activities. It beats staying at the lunch table trading snaps. Wait, no it doesn’t. That’s what make lunchtime so great in school: smashing your friends.

Yes, this is basically a story to take up space.

That said, I do believe our very own Doug Aamoth lost a number of pounds by using Wii Fit. Meanwhile, I’ve been rocking that Adidas thing I got at CES. I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight, but I certainly have improved my endurance. Where I used to get tired, I now don’t! Woo~!