If MIDs still matter, then get me one of these Moblic E7s pronto

What with tablets looming large on the horizon, one could be forgiven for thinking MIDs might be reaching the end of their usefulness. But when you put something like this in front of me, I can’t help but get excited. ABXY buttons and a real D-pad? Yes please. 4″ 800×480 screen, 8GB of built-in storage, 600MHz ARM A8 processor? Man, this thing will be a mobile gaming powerhouse if it isn’t super expensive.

The Moblic E7
is still pretty much a cryptogadget right now, though. No pricing or availability is indicated on the Moblic page, so I’m just going to guess randomly. I’m going to say… $600 and available in the Summer, probably not in the US. Doesn’t that sound realistic?

[Image and find: CarryPad; via Engadget]