Sony Ericsson turned down the Nexus One

A Swedish interview with Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg found the jolly head of SE’s floundering handset business reporting that he turned down making the Nexus One for Google because it would dilute the majestic Sony Ericsson brand.

Here’s the weirdly translated money shot:

But Google got turned down. Brand [Recital… awareness? “Varumärkesskäl vägde tyngre.”] weighed heavier. Sony Ericsson will only produce phones under its own brand and not be subcontracted to others.

HTC made a huge name for itself by subcontracting for others and their work has won accolades, giving them a great stepping stone towards manufacturing their own goodies. SE could do well to take a page from their playbook but I fear it’s already too late.

via Eng