DIY: Six rotor helicopter

MikroKopter – HexaKopter from Holger Buss on Vimeo.

Adurino seems to be everywhere these days, particularly in the world of DIY. Take for example this helicopter project. Built by a German hobbyist with an inclination for projects related to flight, this 6 rotor helicopter is fast, stable, and extremely responsive. This is obviously not this particular hobbyists first experience with helicopters; he’s actually built an 8 rotor version as well.

Amongst my many hobbies, I also love Radio Control vehicles. That’s why when I see something like this, I’m always really impressed by what these home-brew people are capable of making these days. This project is particularly impressive to me since I’ve tried helicopter flying and failed in a horribly dramatic fashion that ended up being quite expensive once I got the fire out. Regardless of what my experiences were, you have to admire someone who can build two home made helicopters and be able to fly them sucessfully. Mr. Buss also was kind enough to make his build plans available as well, just in case you are inclined to try and build one of these of your own.

[via Hack N Mod]