Verizon and Skype make sweet music together with new mobile app

No surprises here today as Verizon and Skype partner up and announce Skype Mobile at Mobile World Congress. This news is so exciting that I’m tempted to dump my current carrier and sign up with Big Red today. But are there any catches or caveats?

Verizon says that users will be able to make unlimited Skype-to-Skype phone calls around the world, send and receive instant messages and allow users to see when other contacts are online. The best part is that the app works over Verizon’s network and usage doesn’t count against your plan’s minutes. While that’s great news and all, if you just so happen to be in an area where there is no Verizon coverage, the app will not work over Wi-Fi.

The app isn’t available right this instant, so you can put down the car keys and untie your shoes, but it will be out in late March. Wondering which phones  are supported? Here they are below.