CloudShare Launches Lightweight Version Of Cloud-Based Demo Center

We recently wrote about CloudShare, a recently launched service that allows companies to demo software in the cloud. Organizations can instantly deploy multiple, independent copies of their existing demos or training environments from CloudShare’s platform. Today, CloudShare is launching CloudShare Pro, a lightweight, free version of its service for individuals and small businesses.

CloudShare is essentially a collaborative tool for IT environments, allowing users to share, interact and collaborate in enterprise IT environments, for any length of time. CloudShare Pro’s environments are pre-configured to include servers, networking, storage and pre-installed operating systems and application licenses, including those forsoftware vendors like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft. The new offering also promises speed, scalability, and ROI. The starup says that its enterprise customers have seen sales cycles accelerated, and costs reduced by 30-50 percent, tracked via CloudShare’s analytics dashboard.

After the success CloudShare has seen with its enterprise customers, it makes sense for the startup to extend its offerings to SMBs and individuals. CloudShare has raised $16 million in funding from from Sequoia Capital, Gemini Capital, and Charles River Ventures in December. CloudShare’s products are being used by VMware, Cisco, and SAP and has already delivered over one million demos, proofs of concepts and software training hours to date.