FundingUniverse Buys TwitJump To Help Startups Leverage Twitter

A few weeks ago, Kelly Porter, an M&A expert at Woodside Capital Partners, predicted on TechCrunch that TwitJump, a Twitter management tool for businesses, would be acquired by Twitter or another startup. Well, Porter’s prophecy ended up becoming a reality, except that the buyer isn’t Twitter. FundingUniverse, a matchmaker that connects entrepreneurs with investors and lenders in the U.S., has acquired TwitJump, to add to FundingUniverse’s suite of business services. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

TwitJump helps businesses manage multiple Twitter accounts, perform customized searches on Twitter, set up email alerts for search terms, schedule Tweets, and filter spam from Twitter. It’s basically a Twitter CRM for businesses.

Alex Lawrence, TwitJump’s founder, will become the Chief Evangelist for FundingUniverse. FundingUniverse not only helps startups connect to investors and banks, but also helps nurture these fledgling companies to become more attractive investments. The incubator/network/matchmaker will be using TwitJump’s Twitter offerings for businesses to help statups connect to consumers and potential clients on the microblogging network.