TiVo sez Doritos commercial was the biggest hit in the Super Bowl

Thanks to TiVo, we have a pretty good idea of what the most popular commercials from last night’s Super Bow. Survey says: that Doritos commercial with the little kid telling his mom’s date to keep his hands off his mother (fat chance!) and off his Doritos. America is a peculiar little country, isn’t it, cheese-flavored chips and light beer as far as the eye can see.

How does TiVo know this? Because for every second you watch TV, data is sent to TiVo HQ, and the company is able to parse the data to see, for example, what commercial did people choose to see again and again. All of this information is anonymous, so please put away your tin foil hat.

Other big commercials include:

• The Snickers one with Betty White

• The Focus on the Family one (the “anti-abortion” commercial)

• The Doritos one with the guy and the dog collar thing

• The Intel one with the sad robot (I marked out at all the Intel ones because I bought a Core i7 860 in December and overclocked it to 3.8GHz~!)

That’ll do. At the Super Bowl party I attended, the most popular commercial was the one with the stuffed animals partying in Las Vegas, the Kia one. But the big take-away was, “meh, these commercials are whack.”

What commercials did y’all like? Like I said, my group was sorta underwhelmed by them.