Touchscreen BlackBerry Bold-esque handset prototype caught on camera, possibly scrapped


Ever since RIM got their act together with the BlackBerry Storm 2, we’ve been pretty excited about their new-found interest in touchscreens. When word got out not too long ago that RIM was cracking away on a half-touchscreen/half-keyboard hybrid handset (think BlackBerry Bold, with a touchscreen), we started getting all hot around the collar. Word on the street (the cell phone rumor street. It’s a tough place.) indicated the handset’s nickname was “Magnum”.

Aaaaaand here it is – or at least an early prototype which the guys over at CrackBerry say has been scrapped in lieu of something “nicer”. You know, I think I’d be just fine with the one pictured up above – but hey, bloggers can’t be choosers.