Jens Pulver: World of Warcraft maniac


So I woke up this morning and logged straight into World of Warcraft, as I do every morning except Tuesdays, what with the stupid “realm maintenance” nonsense. I sold a couple of Netherweave Bags. I logged off, and soon after began another day of CrunchGear. Meanwhile, Jens Pulver, who was the UFC’s first 155-pound champion, was doing the same thing. Well, except for the CrunchGear part—he was training for a fight.

Right, so has an interview with Jens Pulver, who’s a well-known PC gamer. It’s safe to say that you’re pretty busy training for WEC fights, so he finds time to play the game when he otherwise would be watching TV. (Same here. I simply don’t watch TV anymore. It’s so liberating.)

I will excerpt one part that put a huge smile on my face:

I’ve got a mage. He rocks. But you know what I tried? I hope I don’t disgust too many people out there, because I was a Horde slayer for a long time — but now I am Horde. I dig it. I like it. I like being a Troll. That’s just fitting. I got a Troll mage, I got an Undead priest.

But what I’ve really been getting into is the death knight — but not because everybody has a death knight, yeahyeah … I waited a long time. A.), Because it started out at level 55 so I didn’t have to go all the way from level 1, and B.), I just wanted to tank. I was all fired up to have a tank, you know, and I’m enjoying tanking now. I’ve never done that.

This is seriously the greatest thing you’re going to read today, outside of Dave Meltzer’s obituary of Bob Shamrock.