Star Trek webcam lets you boldly add another Star Trek item to your collection


Okay, quick inventory check. You’ve got the Star Trek wetsuit, remote-controlled underwater Enterprise thing, perfume, lamp, cologne, Blu-ray, onesies, Tricorder media player, USB phone, handmade clock, iPhone mod, Pez dispenser, the animation studio, Captain’s Chair, light dimmer, and you’ve signed up for the open beta of Star Trek Online. Yep, that should just about do it. There’s not a single thing left to get.

Whup! Spoke too soon.

Here’s a Star Trek USB webcam. It’s $30 from Brando. Video is captured at a relatively pedestrian 640×480 and there’s a “stylish bendable gooseneck mount” for good measure.

Star Trek USB Enterprise Webcam [Brando]