Someone obviously wants the crowd-developed Cable Caps, but I don't

cable capsWait, before you write these things off, hear me out. Cable Caps are actually kind of cool in a quirky sort of way. They are cable organizers that are designed to protect the male ends of USB cables, while also keeping the cables neatly wrapped and organized. Neat, eh? The only thing is that the product is just a few years late for most people.

cablecapsThe thought here is that you probably have multiple cables laying around, each with a different purpose. You might have a cable for your phone, camera, printer, webcam, external hard drive, and so one. Some people might, but the only cables on my desk right now are 6-inch mini USB and micro USB. Both of them handle everything, but a few years ago that wasn’t the case. Everything had it’s own proprietary cable.

And I have never once had the male end of a USB cable damaged. But still, somewhere out there, there might be people that actually use these things.

The real story here is that the product was the 22 product designed and developed by the Quirky community. This is the same Internet collaboration that brought the world the Split Stick and DigiDudes and the iPod nano case, the Kickster. Cable Caps are currently in the pre-order stage, with 82 orders placed out of a need 450 for them to be made. The Kickster is still in the same boat with only 118 orders placed out of a needed 300.