Kodak's Playsport: fully waterproof successor to the Zx1 HD pocket cam

kodakWe’ve always enjoyed Kodak’s pocket cams — compact, decent video, and solid price. The newest one is pretty awesome; I got to put my hands all over it last night and it has a good feel to it. It’s smaller, but feels more solid than the Zi6, Zi8, or Zx1. And of course it’s totally waterproof. They had it in a fish bowl and it functioned just fine. I don’t have fish, but I can think of some uses for this thing.

It shoots at 1080p, which is nice, but to be honest they were already pushing it with 720p. These little cams just don’t have the lenses for it. Still, you can always resize, and it’s all going to be on YouTube in the end, anyway. They should be available in April for $150.