Twitter's Retweet Button Gone Missing Again (Update: Messages Delayed Too)

Not spotting the retweet button/link in your Twitter stream anymore? It’s not just you.

The retweet feature, which was rolled out to the masses at the beginning of November, has gone missing before: it disappeared right after launch due to technical issues, and it was again temporarily removed two weeks ago.

Now it’s gone again.

For the record: we can’t find any mention of the removal on Twitter’s Status blog and the @twitterapi account isn’t providing any clarification either.

The meaning of all this? Absolutely nothing, except that if you’ve just gotten used to spread other people’s tweets using the native functionality you’ll need to resort back to effectively typing “RT” before the full tweet, or use a Twitter client that has similar functionality built-in. We’ll tell you when the oft-disliked, confusing functionality makes it way back to Twitter.

In the meantime, try not to panic. And don’t forget to retweet this post, by any means necessary.

Update: Twitter seems to be running into more issues with the service, as lots of users are reporting missing out on tweets from people they follow, and a general slowness.

Update 2: It looks like the retweet button is back, but the Twitter Status blog says that the missing tweets and timeline delays are unresolved.

(Thanks for the tip, Startups Nigeria)