Nsyght Launches Its Realtime Social Aggregator, And It's Very Fast

Nsyght, a real time social aggregation service, went live last night at our Realtime ChristmasCrunch event in London (#XmasCrunch), and it’s a tantilising service. The startup has also raised $200,000 in Angel funding from a group of private Angel investors lead by Shawn Kernes (CTO/co-founder of Stubhub) and Jerome Touze (CEO/co-founder of WAYN) who will also act as advisors. The company has been bootstrapped for the last 10 months, but will start rolling out more advanced features over the next few months.

What’s most interesting about Nsyght is that instead of just indexing a user’s own data, the product retrieves information from their entire social graph. So using nsyght means you don’t have to re-discover friends you are already are already connected with. It currently integrates accounts from Twitter, Facebook, digg, Vimeo, Stumbleupon, Flickr, Delicious, and Last.fm – with other networks planned. I like the ability to filter a Twitter hashtag by photos or video only, which is very useful.