iPhone leapfrogs WinMo market share

Oh my. This can’t be what Redmond had planned. But I guess they should have spent more time revising their platform during the years and years they dominated the smartphone field. Now, with the triple threat of consumer-accessible Blackberry devices, cheap iPhones, and legions of Android handsets, it seems that even WinMo 7 may be too little, too late. iPhone users now outnumber WinMo users, according to a recent ComScore survey.

The growth of the iPhone and, more importantly, the stagnation of WinMo sales and devices, had to lead here eventually. It was just a matter of when, and apparently “when” was sometime before October, when the data from the survey was collected.

What’s next? Well, Blackberry and Apple will have to fend off Android, which will be arming the vast featurephone population with cheap, capable devices. That’s still a ways off, but Google has momentum on its side. Should be an interesting year.

Wait a second, what’s with the Symbian population going up?! Gross!

[via Electronista]