Cash Cab cruises onto the iPhone

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Nothing kills the productivity amongst myself and my roommates like accidentally stumbling across an episode of the Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, the premise is pretty simple: a snarky bald dude drives around New York in a cab, surprising passengers with the opportunity to win some cash by answering trivia questions.

There’s just something about the wise-crackin’ cab driver — not to mention the opportunity to make yourself feel smart compared to a bunch of grumpy New Yorkers — that keeps our eyes glued. Unfortunately for our hopes of ever getting anything done, the Cash Cab is now cruising the streets of Pocketville.

Just released this morning by Capcom, the iPhone version of Cash Cab is a wee bit less brain-racking than the show that inspired it; where as contestants have to pull most of their answers out of thin air, the iPhone app gives you the benefit of multiple choice. Outside of that, however, the familiar mechanics, such as Red Light Challenges and Video Bonuses, are all there.

Coming in at $5 bucks, it’s a bit pricey – but considering how unlikely it is to find yourself in the Cash Cab amongst NYC’s endless sea of taxis, this might be the closest any of us get to the real thing. You can find it on the App Store here.