How to make a 3D laser projector sound uncool

Got something really cool and you want to make sure nobody gives it a second look? Take some notes from this press release and soon you’ll be able to take something awesome like a 3D laser projection system and make it sound about as exciting as a new 3-hole punch.

Laser-3D is unique in that it fuses two of the most popular concepts in the public consciousness, ‘lasers’ and ‘3-D’

I’m going to stop you right there. Listen, guys. If you have anything involving lasers, projectors, or 3D, you’re going to want a picture of it somewhere. Even better: a video. Does your product look cool? Does it do something cool? If you’re trying to sell it, it must. So show us. Nothing kills hype faster than a nice, big block of text.

Whatever this thing does, it’ll do it in 2010.

[via About Projectors]