OpenOfficeMouse reborn as WarMouse Meta

What we have here is a sort of Freddie Prinze Jr. movie dork makeover event, except applied to an 18-button mouse. You don’t see it? Let me break it down for you. Freddie Prinze Jr. is the Internet (obviously). The hot, bitchy girls are Razer and Logitech; they’ve got it and they know it. OpenOfficeMouse is the secretly hot nerd who was brought to the Internet’s (that’s Freddie Prinze Jr.’s, if you recall) attention but kind of passed up because she/it was so plain. But just in time for Prom/Christmas/CES, the hot nerd gets a sweet makeover and ends up so sexy that the Internet can’t keep its hands off her buttons!

Okay, it got a little convoluted there towards the end. But you all were thinking it, right? No? Okay.
Anyway, that crazy-ass mouse from a few months ago has been redesigned somewhat to make it a little more awesome. I mean, who wants a white mouse? Scientists, maybe. So other than the recoloring, new laser sensor, and apparent retooling of the analog stick (the analog stick, people) it’s pretty much the same. But they changed the name too — because only hardcore FOSS guys were going to buy something (or even look for something) called the OpenOfficeMouse.

Hence, WarMouse Meta. The meta is for the analog stick, I think.

[via Engadget]