Windows 7 Family Pack all but sold out


Hope you already bought the Windows 7 Family Pack. Well, if you were planning to; you could be the type of person who still writes “M$” without a hint of irony. Anyhow, the Family Pack is now sold out.

The Windows 7 Family Pack, you’ll recall, was a special edition of the operating system that came with three Home Premium upgrades for $150. (A single Windows Home Premium upgrade retails for around $110.) The thing is, Microsoft had always said that the pack would be a temporary offer, sold while supplies lasted.

Supplies have been exhausted! Well, inasmuch as supplies of software can be exhausted.

The point is, the Family Pack is damn near impossible to find now, and Microsoft has no plans to produce any more.

Of course, you could be totally unscrupulous and “find” Windows 7 from somewhere else, but that’s none of my business.