Mophie Juice Pack Air gets festive, now available in red

Screen shot 2009-12-01 at [ December 1 ] 10.40.24 AM

What is there to say about this, outside of the headline? We loved the Mophie Juice Pack at first, only to have it almost literally fall apart in our hands. Mophie said the problem we had definitely shouldn’t have happened, and shouldn’t happen again.

Whether or not the problem was isolated and/or fixed, I’ve got no idea. But I do know one thing: now it comes in red! Earlier this morning, Mophie announced that they’re now shipping the Juice Pack Air in Soft Touch Red, in addition to the black/silver/purple options they’ve had for a while now. You can nab one at the Apple store or Mophie’s online store for 5 cents shy of $80 bucks.