Good riddance: 2,500 cheaters banned from Modern Warfare 2


What is the allure of cheating in video games online? Who takes team deathmatches so seriously that he needs unlimited ammo, no clipping, infinite life, and other assorted nonsense? It’s stupid, and if you try to cheat online you deserve to be banned. So forgive me for not giving a damn about the 2,500 people that were just banned from non-dedicated servers for cheating in Modern Warfare 2.

The news broke on Twitter, as it often does these days, that Steam has slapped the taste out of the mouth of 2,500 miscreants caught using some of those Modern Warfare 2 exploits.

I’d pretend to care, but that would be half-hearted at best.

And wasn’t Infinity Ward’s peer-to-peer model supposed to cut down on cheating?

And while I began this a few words ago wondering why people cheat, well, the answer is irrelevant; people cheat online. It happens. In fact, I ran into some cheaters in Team Fortress 2 at the weekend. Know what I did? Changed servers. Problem solved.